6 Twitter Rules Your Business Needs to Follow

Twitter is one of the leading social media tools used by both individuals and businesses to enhance connection with other people, potential customers and repeating customers. To fully take advantage of your Twitter account, here are some tips which must be done regularly by you or your social media manager.


Good customer service or support is one of the value added services which can differentiate your brand from other brands. By providing an extended services to your customers through twitter you can quickly build good relationships with your customers.

To do this, reply whenever a simple question is thrown to you. In addition, if a customer gives you positive feedback through Twitter, comment on it and express your appreciation and gratitude. This way potential customers can see that your providing a great service and this continues to build customer loyalty.

Re tweet

This is when you repeat what another follower has stated and is known as “Re tweet”.Other than communicating with other users, Twitter also provides a way of sharing tips and information,if you find a tweet relevant or even a customer who is delighted with your service or product re tweet it, as this shows that your business is taking part in the Twitter community.

Follow back

If your using Twitter for business purposes then you certainly want to increase your followers as the higher the number of followers the greater the reach of your tweets. Unless your a celebrity Twitter etiquette’s means follow back users who follow you. Think of Twitter like a party someone comes up to you to start a friendly conversation and in turn you don’t even look at them, that would be rude. Just make sure to review each follower so you can avoid fake users spammers.

Be Personal

Adding a human touch to your tweets can help your followers recognize that your not simply using the site to promote your products. Let them feel that, even though your doing business in Twitter, your still a human being whom they can deal with. This action will actually let your potential customers and customers experience a personalized service to your business

Promote Your Business

Make sure you tweet about your company, brand, products or industry on a daily basis. Do this not just once or twice, but three or four times a day. Perhaps you could get your customers to visualize your working environment. This enables your followers to gain a deeper insight into your business.

Raise a Topic

Asking questions to your followers , this can increase interaction between you and your followers who will include potential customers. Remember that, since you are using a social networking site, your goal is to have interaction and create relationships with your customers. Engaging with your audience is definitely a huge part of social media.
Topics may vary. You can ask your customers what features they want to see in your products. Likewise, you can also ask for their opinion regarding an issue related to the industry where your business belongs to. Avoid questions such as ‘How are you?’ and don’t bore your followers about your excitement over your going to have for lunch.

Following these steps will help you use Twitter effectively for your business. Similarly, you can now achieve your goal in using this type of social media which is to build a meaningful relationship with your customers or clients.

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